Etiwanda Red Angus

Rangeland ‘Red-y’

K66- Sold on 2016 On Property Sale

K74- Sold on 2016 On Property Sale

Rangland Red-y

2016 saw the start of our “Rangeland Red-y” Red Angus breeding program.  At this point we are mainly breeding bulls for our own use, we will have some surplus bulls each year that we will offer for sale. We sold K74 & K66 at our 2016 sale for an average of $4950.00 inc GST.

We will be breeding and growing out our bulls following the same philosophies as we use for our rams (you can read our Rangeland Ready Rules here) The Red Angus herd will be designed to be moderate framed, efficient, profitable animals that are able to thrive unassisted on grasslands of Etiwanda. We will be building our female herd on cows that consistently wean a calf each year in our environment and by running the animals extensively we will apply sufficient pressure on the herd to force out the unadapted and infertile animals.

In January 2017 we AI’d 45 cows to semen from two Red Angus Sires we imported from Pharo Cattle Company in the USA. We selected PCC Colorado Hobo and PCC Herd Quitter. Please click on the weblinks below the bull photos to read more about these bulls.

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