About Us

“Etiwanda” means ‘Place of Peace” and to us and many who visit here, the property certainly has a peaceful presence.

Agriculture is the most complex and mentally and physically demanding of all professions. It also has the greatest influence on all mankind.

Dr. Arden B. Anderson


Our Mission 


Our Mission is to provide profitable, practical, no nonsense breeding stock to our clients.
The Mosely family, developed the Rangeland Ready TM policy for their White Dorper Stud, which means –  Hardy, profitable, unpampered White Dorpers that have never been shorn, grain fed or hoof trimmed. Grass raised on the Rangelands of Cobar and performance recorded on LAMBPLAN.
Rangeland Ready to go – bred like they ought to be!
The family grazing operation covers over 26,000 hectares of owned & leased land, located near Cobar, in the semi-arid Western Division of NSW. The business incorporates a Centerpiece White Dorper stud & commercial meat sheep operation as well as commercial beef and meat goat enterprises. The enterprises are designed to be low input and easy care and each enterprise plays a different role in completing the whole. The stud White Dorper operation has over 1000 performance recorded ewes. The  entire operation runs between 10-15,000 DSE depending on seasonal conditions.


About Andrew

Andrew Mosley

Andrew’s combination of study, work experience and practical breeding experience has given him a very solid foundation in animal breeding and performance recording. This experience has enabled him to develop a very good understanding of the theory and practice of performance recording and developing and /managing a successful agri-business. The Mosely family’s Rangeland Ready TM Etiwanda White Dorpers seed stock business is a leader in red meat production in drier tending environments.

Andrew was schooled at Knox Grammar in Sydney and then completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Wool and Pastoral Science (Class 2 Division 1 Honours) in 1991. Andrew was employed by the Agricultural Business Research Institute (ABRI) in Armidale working as a consultant for BREEDPLAN for 3 years, until 1997. Andrew worked on the Angus & Shorthorn BREEDPLAN genetic databases; where he collated performance recording data, produced EBV reports, as well as helping breeders to understand and utilize these reports. A large percentage of his time was involved in helping new members understand their reports and putting the information into practice.

Since choosing to return to the family home, located 100 kms South of Cobar, Andrew has focused on developing the family properties, business, Etiwanda White Dorpers and the Rangeland Ready TM White Dorper brand. On the property he is responsible for the management of the agribusiness and the continuing development of Etiwanda.

Etiwanda White Dorpers continue to be pioneers in establishing the White Dorper breed in the extensive semi-arid and arid regions of the Eastern states of Australia. All the White Dorper stud animals are performance recorded through LAMBPLAN and we are very much committed to using ASBVs for breeding decisions, benchmarking and marketing of our seed-stock.

Andrew was awarded runner-up in the inaugural NSW Farmers Young Farmer award in 2004 and the NSW Farmers award in 2009. These awards are given for excellence in farming and focuses on recipients achieving sound environmental, social and financial outcomes in their business.

Andrew Mosley

Andrew has completed and implemented into his life and business, Holistic Management and Grazing for Profit, and completed further training such as the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) company director’s course, time management and effective communication.

The Mosely properties financial details are benchmarked through Principle Focus/Holmes & Sackett national database and we have consistently ranked among the top 20% of producers in Australia in terms of key performance indicators such as return on assets managed.

Andrew has held founding positions on the boards of both the Boer Goat Breeders Association of Australian and the Dorper Breeders Association. Was a board member & vice chair of the Western Catchment Management Authority (WCMA) for 9 years, a member of the Sheep Genetics Australia (SGA) Committee. He is currently on the board of the Western Local Board of the Local Land Services.

To hell with circumstances;  I create opportunities!

Bruce Lee