Are you tired of buying over-fed White Dorpers,


presented for sale stuffed full of grain, shorn, and hoof trimmed?



Our Rangeland Ready animals have been produced by some very efficient, moderate-sized ewes

that have never been pampered.


Our rams and ewes have been developed slowly and naturally on grass.

They will NOT melt or fall apart when you take them home.



NEVER shorn or bioclipped, hoof trimmed or grain fed,

grass raised on the rangelands of Cobar and performance recorded on Lambplan

What's a Ram Worth??

Conservatively - 1 Etiwanda ram joined to 70 ewes/yr. over 4 years will produce 330 lambs at 120% weaning. In today’s market these lambs are worth at least $100.00 giving you a return of $33,000 from just one ram!

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